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Influence Electronic Technology
Sales and R&D HQ Add :No.5 Building,Tsinghua Univesity Suzhou Auto High-Tech Park,No.81,Weizhong Road,Weitang Town,Xiangcheng District,Suzhou,Jiangsu,PRC. Factory Add:No.6,Xingchang Road,Xinxing Technology Park,SIP,Jiangsu,PRC.

Core Competitions:
   •   Influence offer one-stop solution for personal care and accessories products with the capabilities of designing,manufacturing, and import& export.
   •   Core team members have more than 16 years working experiences within multi-national companies (Samsung Electronics, Delph Electronics), master electronic design,supply chian, lean production and auto quality control system.
   •   Advantages of auto electronics design, advanced technology application with the platform resource of Suzhou Tsinghua Auto High-Tech Park.

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